LIGEST is a software application:

  • FLEXIBLE: capable of managing different business realities and heterogeneous product sectors.
  • SCALABLE: capable of evolving over time according to the Company’s growth and new requirements.
  • INTERNATIONAL: capable of managing companies with offices and branches beyond the Italian borders.
  • VERSATILE: capable of adapting to the company organisation.
  • DYNAMIC: capable of growing and updating to new information technologies.

Labinf Sistemi’s LIGEST ERP management system is complete for the management of small and medium-sized enterprises, developed to manage even the most complex processes while always guaranteeing excellent quality-price ratio, speed of implementation and ease of use. Thanks to its flexibility, it is able to adapt to companies with different needs (distribution, manufacturing, services) giving each one the maximum added value necessary to improve its core business.
To achieve long-term success, it is essential to use a comprehensive ERP system developed to support the planning and control of all company resources. In fact, only a management solution that integrates all processes in a single information system always guarantees a clear view of the company. It allows your company to be faster and more flexible from every point of view.

The solution supports the growth of your company and integrates all information and business processes into one software system and database, allowing users to keep track of their activities completely and in real time, independently of where data are created or stored.



  • Three-tier architecture for the possibility of using web-based functions
  • Platform and database independence
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Working in an Internet/Intranet setting
  • Integration with Office Automation products
  • Help on Line function
  • Multilingual, multi-company and multi-operational
  • Analytical accounting
  • Consolidated Balance Sheet
  • Budget management
  • Cost Centres/Items
  • Job classification

The modular structure of the LIGEST ERP makes it a tool that can be adapted to each business reality, allowing each module to be installed independently. The chart of accounts is dual and allows a structure of 3 to 5 levels. The procedure allows several companies to be managed simultaneously on the same computer.
The user has the option of choosing, when accessing the procedure, the company on which to operate.
The simultaneous management of several financial years is available, without restriction to the closing time for individual months of activity.
Accounting documents carry the indication of the division of competence in order to be able to make extractions by single division.
Account statements with uncovered items, schedules and cash flow are managed.
Multiple V.A.T. sections are provided with multiple numbering.
Movements can be recorded in foreign currency.


  • General accounting
  • Fees to third parties
  • Asset management
  • Balance sheet reclassification
  • Cash flow management
  • Invoicing management (electronic and paper)
  • Asset inventory
  • Enasarco management
  • Privacy management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • XBRL financial statements
  • Warehouse management
  • Sales and purchasing management
  • Processing kits
  • Resource and job management
  • Labour management
  • Intrastat management
  • Logistics and locations
  • Material withdrawal
  • Packaging management
  • Commission management

The production process is one of the most important company functions, the most significant aspects of which are production process control (sequence and timing of tasks), stock control, quality control, maintenance and repairs.
LIGEST’s Production Management system is capable of controlling all these aspects in companies with different ways of implementing the production process (production to order, single product, batch production, continuous flow, mass production, small series production, customised production, parallel production, etc.).
This type of IT solution performs accurate material management, using MRP systems.
Finally, it is possible to accurately record man/machine times.Management of bill of materials


  • COI valuation
  • Processing cycles
  • Work account
  • Suspended accounts management
  • Tool Management
  • Production Plan
  • Production management and MRP
  • Internal work orders
  • External work orders
  • Actual data management
  • Production progress
  • Material tracking
  • Supplier Register
  • Integrated monitoring

The LIGEPE system is an integrated complex of application programmes for Personnel management created to meet the multiple requirements of Public Administration and Local Authorities that, in the context of this activity, intend to pay particular attention not only to the administrative and accounting aspects of personnel, but also to the legal and organisational ones, with a unitary vision that is independent from the placement, classifications and type of employment relationship that differentiates it.

Where necessary, it is also possible to envisage the integration of LIGEPE modules with other third-party products, and this can be done either by exploiting appropriate interface modules that have already been prepared or through appropriate customisation.

A complete range of management functions, immediate set-up, absolute security in data management, flexibility, and the possibility of exchanging data with other products make LIGEPE the IT solution for Personnel Management suitable for Public Administration.



  • Attendance/absence management
  • Access control management
  • Economic treatment
  • Mission management
  • Human resources management
  • Ticket restaurant management
  • On-call management
  • Staff plan
  • Employee contract management
  • Management of skills/training plans
  • Annual account



  • Employee Portal Communications
  • Electronic badge
  • Manager management
  • Mission management
  • Time sheet – labour management
  • Canteen and reservation management
  • Additional employee information
  • Application management


  • Payroll and salaries
  • Accounting irpef,irap,inps
  • Statistics


The LIGEST ERP management system is an integrated complex of application programmes designed to meet the multiple requirements of a company.
Its modular structure makes it a tool that can be adapted to each company reality, allowing the installation of procedures according to the company’s specific needs.
It is a flexible tool that can be easily integrated with systems already present in the company.
It is possible to integrate add-on modules, for complete management of all the main company processes.

ligest schema