Nubilium Cloud Server & Cloud Storage

NUBILIUM was created by Labinf Sistemi S.r.l. in 2006, dedicating it mainly to its ERP customers for whom the software is delivered in SaaS mode.

At the end of 2012, the NUBLIUM 2.0 project was officially presented and during 2013, it came to life. New features, BYOD & MOBILE oriented and ready for the new world of IPv6.



The platform is tailor-made for each customer. Security and privacy are one of our top priorities.

NUBILIUM is always and everywhere. NUBILIUM offers many Cloud services. The most relevant are Labinf Sistemi ERP delivered in SaaS pay per use, server and VDI Desktop as a Service, Service Management, Data Security and DLP as a Service (Data Leak Prevention), Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service, Object storage and Sync Anyware as a Service.

Single point of access to all information and business applications. All types of business information can be provided through different user profiles in order to regulate data access.

E-mails, documents, reports, business analysis, web collaboration, ERP and other business applications (both client/server and three-tier) are thus accessible from a single access point.

NUBILIUM is platform-independent so that it can be used on any fixed or mobile device, all that is needed is a network connection.

NUBILIUM will give you the platform, the storage for storing the data and the resources required for processing the data. The key for data encryption remains in your possession and not in NUBILIUM! All Backup & Disaster recovery sites will be automatically encrypted from the source. Our mission is to protect your data. Feel protected from digital fraud and information theft.

NUBILIUM has complex ‘onion-style’ protection systems to guarantee data security. Only the customer can access their own information.

The NUBILIUM platform offers the provision of many services in the cloud. The most relevant are:

  • Labinf SaaS ERP systems and application-aware
  • Server and VDI Desktop as a Service
  • Teleworking
  • Service Management
  • Privacy and data security DLP SaaS
  • SaaS backup and disaster recovery
  • Storage & Sync Anyware SaaS
  • Web Conferencing & Collaboration SaaS
  • ICT & Security Monitoring SaaS

For many years, Labinf Sistemi has been developing a policy of collaboration with major market players. These partnerships allow us to offer, through our Operations Centre, a specific technological and application maintenance offer. A dedicated Assistance and Support service is in place to comprehensively resolve the customer’s specific needs.

This offer is declined according to a modular range of services, with high added value, based on the management of maintenance or support interventions.

Focus on your business, we provide ICT! Labinf Sistemi can offer a complete and/or partial outsourcing solution.

We take care of your current and future information system.

ERP software in SaaS mode

Labinf Sistemi’s ERP Management System is perfect for the management of small and medium-sized enterprises, developed to manage even the most complex processes, always guaranteeing excellent value for money, speed of implementation and ease of use.

Labinf Sistemi’s ERP is available in the Cloud delivered as a service (SaaS) through the Nubilium platform. The use of an ERP in the Cloud allows you to achieve considerable benefits in both economic and functional terms, allowing you to concentrate your company resources on your core business.

Visit the section dedicated to LABINF SISTEMI ERP SOLUTIONS.

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