Opera Erp The complete solution for your organisazion management

Opera is an ERP designed for integrated organisation management covering a wide spectrum of activities, from complex projects lasting several years to occasional, day-to-day activities.Opera offers very flexible and precise support in the management of planning and co-ordination activities in order to accommodate the very different needs and operating methods typical of the theatre reality.

Opera is designed to react in a timely manner to the changing conditions of managed situations and always allow for a prompt solution in line with planned activities.


From long-term planning to day-to-day management

The planning of work within the theatre is a task made complex by a number of structural factors such as the heterogeneity of the activities carried out; the partiality of the information available at the time of planning; the possibility of sudden and drastic changes in planning and exceptions to the management rules to be followed.Opera has been designed precisely to support the various Management and Operational Units in their planning, review and production activities, guaranteeing maximum accessibility and interaction with data according to the roles and organisational phases in which they are involved.
Opera manages the economic aspect of all activities subject to planning, starting from the definition of Provisional Budgets up to Final Budgets. It manages cash flows, general and job order accounting, performs cost centre control, manages the active and passive cycle, accounting, assets and stock warehouse
Opera makes it possible to plan, coordinate and manage all the theatre’s main activities, in particular the definition of times and ways of carrying out the various activities, the allocation of space and instrumental resources, and the allocation of human resources.
Human resources management mainly includes activities concerning employment contracts, time scheduling, access control, attendance recording and the management of payroll and contributions, for the various types of personnel: from employee to artist, from professional to occasional services, according to specific regulations.
Opera also enables maintenance management of plants and premises by supporting technical management in maintenance scheduling, intervention management, cost control and service management with a special CRM.

OPERA ERP is based on the basic principle of collaboration between people and the usability of data: at any time and from anywhere in the world, managed data can be accessed and modified.
It allows, in a simple and intuitive way, to manage the planning of projects and activities, personnel involved, costumes and materials. It is designed to react in a timely manner to the changing conditions of the situations being managed and allows for easy management of planned activities.

BUDGET: OPERA ERP allows you to set a detailed budget for each season and production.

SIMULATIONS: you can simulate different scenarios for each production or season and compare the different versions.

PROJECTIONS: you can make workload projections and evaluate the cost of moving or changing activities

TEMPLATE: Opera ERP contains an archive of preset titles with cast roles, duration of acts, instruments and chorus voices required.

CAST: it is possible to detail the roles of each individual project, manage several casts simultaneously, associate costumes, contacts and much more

ORGANISATIONS: it is possible to define the organics of the artistic masses, working hours and convocations

CONTRACTS: it is possible to manage all types of contracts, replace the paper approval flow with a state-of-the-art workflow and print documents directly

PERSONNEL REGISTERS: Opera ERP has a complete registry of employees and non-employees that is highly detailed and customisable

PERFORMANCE: the system is designed to fully adapt to the needs of the theatre and the rules adopted by it, providing detailed control of schedules and anomalies.

PAYROLL: Opera ERP produces the data for payroll management and can integrate with any payroll service.


  • General accounting, easy and intuitive; possibility of creating pre-filled accounts
  • Invoice control with matching to orders, goods receipts
  • VAT management, also on a cash basis
  • Withholding tax management and certification
  • Management of tax fulfilments (intra, spesometro, periodic VAT settlements,…)
  • with continuous updating
  • Management of tax printouts (VAT registers, journal book, asset book)
  • Querying and print-out of masters; Asset management; Balance sheet reclassifications; Transfers to suppliers; Schedules and aging; Cash flow

Budget management Comparison of budget/actual, by account, cost centre and job order Analytical accounting Re-processing of data by cost centre and item Analytical by job/cost centre.

ACCESS CONTROL: is able to fully manage access control, capture time stamps and manage gates

CRM: through Customer Relationship Management it is possible to manage all types of contacts, promote fundraising campaigns

BI: the integrated Business Intelligence system can be used for detailed and customised data control

DOCUMENTARY ARCHIVE: designed to support the organisation in archiving and cataloguing all types of documents, from scores to employment contracts

WAREHOUSES: automated management of warehouses with rfid tagging to easily and efficiently manage any type of object required for carrying out activities

MAINTENANCE: organisation and planning of ordinary and extraordinary plant maintenance


Opera was designed and realised for the real needs of a theatre that represents excellence in the Italian and international theatre scene. The success of this project represents for Labinf Sistemi great satisfaction and an important reference, and for our customers an excellent guarantee. Opera ERP is made up of a series of application modules which, although closely interrelated, can still operate autonomously from one another and then aggregate over time. This is an advantageous feature that makes it scalable and ideal for every company, allowing individual modules to be started up independently according to actual needs. Opera ERP is integrated with the Document Management system and the WorkFlow system capable of schematising, automating and managing work processes. The document management system allows the maintenance of an electronic protocol archive to identify, catalogue and consult the documentation produced by the various management areas.


Opera ERP is a management information system that integrates all the relevant business processes of the ‘Theatre’ organisation, allowing the various parties a single view and management of activities, with considerable advantages in terms of data availability and reliability, smoother communication and, therefore, greater functional and operational integration, and greater capacity for coordination between the various organisational units, enabling strategic decisions to be taken in a context of greater certainty. Access to the ERP system is Web-based and, therefore, individual workstations do not need specific software installed and are independent of the client operating system. Access to the ERP system and its information by individual authorised operators is unique and available anywhere, via the local or remote networks and the Internet, and is conveniently via a secure and controlled web portal according to the highest security standards, with limitation of available functions and information according to the type of user.
The ERP platform was developed using open source technologies. It can be integrated with other information systems and is compatible with external authentication systems.

The ERP system is privacy-compliant.

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