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What services we offer

  • System integration between CNC and automation towards ERP management systems
  • OPEN” datawarehousing database available to third-party systems
  • OPEN” API integration on IMAS direct implementation PLC systems
  • OPEN” maintenance system integrable via API or perimeter DB
  • Data collection of CNC/plant/ IoT operating parameters
  • Ticketing system for corporate customers
  • Data collection for Energy managers
  • IoT for production, Energy management and Building automation systems
  • NOC/SOC department for the interconnection of remote assistance systems
  • Remote diagnostics and remote assistance systems

IMAS 4.0, thanks to its Open technology, is able to acquire and interact with multiple architectures in the industrial field. The end result is a homogeneous data set on which to interact. IMAS makes the data collected in the field available not only to its own ERP and maintenance management infrastructures, but also to third-party ERPs.

IMAS 4.0 ‘translates’ all the various protocols in the industrial field into a single communication layer. The protocols used, depending on requirements, are OPEN protocols such as BacNET, LonWORKS, MODBUS and OPC-UA.
The IMAS 4.0 framework is equipped with a SCADA system for interactive drawing with field sensors/actuators. Standard drawing widgets are available and you can use your own.

IMAS EnerVue is a graphical web-based energy management dashboard that provides a proven visualisation of energy consumption through an easy-to-use, browser-based application.
Suitable for single or multi-site projects, IMAS EnerVue allows users to quickly identify issues, assess relationships and take action to optimise resource efficiency and sustainability.
Designed for a wide range of potential users, from System Integrators to Energy Managers, from Facility Managers to Technical Consultants, IMAS EnerVue can be fully customised to provide each user with their own visualisation dashboard. The dashboard can be easily configured and modified using a library of viewlets.

Availability of multiple types of data views including: history and measurements, energy consumption trends, building comparisons, weather data, network status, consumption efficiency, key performance indices, etc.
Quickly identify historical trends as well as real-time plant data to facilitate business decisions.
Track key performance indicators (KPIs) at corporate site or individual user levels.
Quickly identify problems, assess appropriate actions to be taken and optimise resource efficiency.

IMAS BAS, allows you to manage all systems serving service or office buildings. Ventilation, heating, cooling, lighting and shutter control systems…
As a multi-protocol, multi-function building automation system (BAS), IMAS provides intelligent and comprehensive integrations for HVAC, lighting, access control, CCTV, energy management and other building systems.
As a truly open solution, the platform creates a sustainable foundation that supports and evolves with the life cycle of your building system.

All ‘vital’ operating data of machinery and industrial plants. This enables maintenance managers to carry out maintenance schedules. With IMAS MAINT, it is possible to manage predictive, scheduled, incidental and improvement maintenance.
Space & Asset Inventory: Asset inventory, master data management, reports, dashboards, maps, plans, three-dimensional models and BIM.
Facility Maintenance: The Maintenance Manual as a knowledge base to manage maintenance in a customised way for each organisation and object type.
Logistics Management: Support for the logistics management of mobile assets, spare parts and consumables (warehouse).
Energy & Environment: Recording and analysis of static and also dynamic immovable and mobile asset information by sensing with monitoring systems.


IMAS Industria 4.0 di Labinf Sistemi S.r.l. is the answer for companies, to the need for integration of machinery and plants in the production area with the internal ERP management system.
IMAS (Industrial Monitoring And Automation System) is also an advanced tool for building automation: with the use of sensors and actuators it is able to monitor and allow intervention in every situation and in real time.
We provide services both to machine tool MANUFACTURERS, to their plant and machinery MAINTAINERS, and to their USERS.

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