Labinf Sistemi S.r.l.

Labinf Sistemi S.r.l. realises complete and integrated IT solutions for the management and administration of industrial and distribution companies, for the management of Local Public Administration and for Hospital Companies. The study of new technologies, continuous staff training and innovation are integral parts of our mission. These fundamental aspects for the growth and development of our company make us passionate and allow us to always add value in our relationship with customers.

For those involved in ICT, what you know today could be old tomorrow.


Our Story

The Informatics Laboratory from which today’s Labinf group originated was established at the end of the 1970s to provide a qualified response to the computerisation needs that arose at that time.

In 1998, Labinf reorganised its activities, entrusting Labinf Sistemi S.r.l. with the Private Companies and Public Administration division.

Where the complexity of the projects makes it necessary, it works in close collaboration with the other companies in the Group, thus availing itself of a coverage that extends throughout Italy and is perfectly integrated in the local context, and of numerous other resources managed in a unified manner: training and exchange of information on internal telematic networks, advanced research to improve the quality of products, with particular regard to productivity, security, and new market demands.

ERP Open Source is the association that maintains iDempiere and promotes its dissemination throughout Italy. Labinf sistemi S.r.l. is one of the founding members and a major contributor to its development.

ERP Open Source history

The “ERP Open Source Italia” association has its roots in 2009 when a group of computer scientists specialised in the ADempiere ERP software platform formed the “ADempiere Italia” association.

The mission

Essentially, the association is the place where every entity with an interest in the iDempiere platform seeks support for its growth.

It enters the future

It strives to make the work of all members synergic, avoiding unnecessary and harmful redundancies.


Thanks to the know-how accumulated by the team over 20 years of working in close contact with its customers and to the resources at its disposal, Labinf Sistemi has increasingly established itself on the management software market with an agile and specialised structure, capable of implementing innovative and customised solutions, in tune with users’ growth needs.

Our customised and modular IT solutions aim, first and foremost, to provide a quality service.

For us, quality means guaranteeing customer respect and satisfaction at all times through highly qualified consultancy, innovative development activity and readily available, timely support.