Labinf Sistemi S.r.l.’s Help Desk service is equipped with tools and technology that allow :

  • precise and punctual monitoring, problem determination and problem solving activities
  • remote access and control of server and client systems for punctual problem solving
  • the installation of patches related to the basic software supplied and to all other specially developed software components;

Requests for assistance may be forwarded to the single toll-free number made available by the Help Desk service, transmitted by e-mail, to the dedicated mailbox, or forwarded via a specific dedicated web form.
However, the Help Desk service remains the “Problem Owner” and monitors the status of calls until they are resolved, informing the user of the status of the assistance call.
The Help Desk provides the IT service with support in the following areas:

  • Call management (from opening to closing)
  • Information on the use of installed software products
  • General information on the Service provided
  • Request for information on the progress of a support request
  • Request for information on any scheduled activities
  • Activation of Customer support facilities